ABOUT: a modern and stylish lifestyle store.

The basis of the Valley Variety logo is a pair of stacked V’s. The shape is derived from military patches; but playing with perspective also suggests a three dimensional cubed structure. It was designed by Chuck Rosenthal with the immeasurable assistance of Ferol Barton Blake and Otto Chan.

Valley Variety is a modern and stylish interpretation of the traditional variety store. We offer a casual, welcoming environment in which to explore our selection of goods, fine art and home furnishings. We also invite you to enjoy a wide range of classes, talks and special events throughout the year in our chef’s kitchen and indoor patio.

Our wish is for you to find the things you need and discover the things you can’t live without. Whether that’s for planting and harvesting your garden; prepping and cooking a meal; attending to your personal grooming, updating or styling your home; or preparing for a day trip or longer journey. At Valley Variety, we have the tools you need to complete the task at hand with precision and style.

The back story of Valley Variety:
After 17 years as the principal of a San Francisco graphic design and marketing firm where I helped others develop and launch their products and services, I decided it was time to focus my creative energy on my own venture. In May, 2012, I discovered the city of Hudson and immediately knew Warren Street would be the location for my very first retail shop. I love how the urban, cultural, relaxed and country lifestyles mix. My hope is Valley Variety will offer that same balance.



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