I’m a convert.

I’m not talking religion…but idea walls. I’ve started many over the years but they always got ignored. Eventually the few lonely pieces of paper that were pinned up on the first day would curl be discarded. I’ve seen the light and praise be he who created the cork that is my “sacred” wall. It provides me focus, clarity and inspiration.

Just in case you were wondering, I’m a nice single (added for the mother’s sake) Jewish boy.

Playing with chalk

I got the first set of plans and it’s hard to envision what these lines on a paper will look like in the actual space. So I decided to buy a box of kids chalk and draw out the store design at full size. It only took a few hours and a little bourbon for the space to come to life. It was great to be able to walk around and get a sense of flow and product placement. Now if it was only that easy to get the actual build-out completed. I still have the chalk…anyone for game of hopscotch?

How many inches? It was everyones’ obsession this weekend.

For the past few days everyone on the east coast has been obsessed with Snowstorm Nemo. When is it going to start? How long will it last? How many inches will it dump? I was a little concerned and did join the crowds at the supermarket. And indeed, Nemo did dump some impressive totals, but thankfully Hudson only got a manageable 8 inches. This allowed attention to shift to Super Design Team Ferol/Kristina and the measurements I was most obsessed about would be gathered as forecast.

Kristina arrived at 2pm on Saturday laser measuring tool in hand and by 5pm the flurry of measurements of the building were winding down. As the inches were being recorded, Ferol and I tried to stay out of the lasers path and discussed design and layout options.

By next weekend, Nemo will be a receding from the headlines and the CAD drawings of the building will be hitting the presses.

Let the demo begin

Excited to be getting started but frustrating that I’m not there to see the progress. Working with Spencer Hall on this phase has been great. He sent me these photos of the progress. The floors are in good shape and should clean up well. Not so sure about the ceiling. Will be in Hudson soon to see first hand.


Day One

These are photos taken from the day of the closing. I was surprised the previous owners delivered the space as cleared out as they did. It’s a huge space but now that’s it empty I can start to imagine the space as Valley Variety.

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