How many inches? It was everyones’ obsession this weekend.

For the past few days everyone on the east coast has been obsessed with Snowstorm Nemo. When is it going to start? How long will it last? How many inches will it dump? I was a little concerned and did join the crowds at the supermarket. And indeed, Nemo did dump some impressive totals, but thankfully Hudson only got a manageable 8 inches. This allowed attention to shift to Super Design Team Ferol/Kristina and the measurements I was most obsessed about would be gathered as forecast.

Kristina arrived at 2pm on Saturday laser measuring tool in hand and by 5pm the flurry of measurements of the building were winding down. As the inches were being recorded, Ferol and I tried to stay out of the lasers path and discussed design and layout options.

By next weekend, Nemo will be a receding from the headlines and the CAD drawings of the building will be hitting the presses.

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