out to sea
oil on panel

Ali Herrmann is an emerging artist living and working in the Berkshires.  Her chosen medium is painting with a multimedia approach, using a range of inks, acrylics, watercolors, oils, encaustics, pressed plants and occasionally found objects within any given piece. She is most influenced by nature; the cyclical nature of growth and decay, the patterns and repetition of shapes and forms, and the infinite possibility of color combinations.

The out to sea series is a collection of abstract paintings focussing on seascapes: the resonant colors in the infinite skylines/horizons, cycles of tumbling waves, and wispy cloud formations. These pieces start with an acrylic base color, which serves as base coat of underpainting. In almost each piece, there is an area or segment where this underpainting pushes through, either in the sky or the water; sometimes it is the just a fraction of a horizon line. The acrylic underpainting serves as a mapping out for the thick, overlying oil impasto. Herrmann then applies the oil paint with a variety of palette knives, scraping it as if scratching into the earth’s surface; spreading thick impasto areas like applying frosting to a cake, with serene colors and meditative movements. These pieces are meant to invoke calm, serenity and peacefulness through sweeps of color, movement and texture.

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