On Saturday, January 28, we celebrated Chinese New Year at Valley Variety learning to cook Beijing style dishes with Chef Ameila Telc.

Amelia grew up cooking and experiencing Chinese culture through her mother and their trips across China. She honed her modern take on traditional Chinese cuisine during her time at Mission Chinese Food in New York.

Chef Amelia uncovered the secrets of preparing this popular cuisine, eaten worldwide but rarely cooked in many homes. We started the evening composing the dumplings for the first course, while Chef Amelia shared basics about the ingredients and cooking techniques for preparing Chinese dishes at home. After prepping the first course, the group sat down for a 4-course dinner highlighted with the strongly flavored roots and vegetables indicative of Beijing style dishes.

Menu for the Evening

Mushroom and Ginger Dumplings
served in consommé with crispy king trumpet mushrooms and savoy cabbage

Fresh Wheat Noodles in Fermented Soybean Sauce
fresh soybeans, fried pork belly, watermelon radish, bean sprouts

Steamed Whole Boston Mackerel with Long Bean Chili Soy Sauce
scallions, crispy garlic, tiger vegetable salad

Panna Cotta
with Fresh Pomelo and Candied Pine Nuts

About the Chef

Chef Amelia Telc is a New York and Hudson Valley based private chef. Telc grew up cooking the dishes of her parents heritage, Chinese and Hungarian, which continue to be some of her favorite meals to prepare.

She began her professional career at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco as a pastry cook. From there she moved to New York and worked under Ignacio Mattos of Estela and Cafe Altro Paradiso before switching focuses and becoming a line cook at Mission Chinese Food in New York. After going back to baking for M Wells at their Quebecois style steakhouse and Dinette in MoMA PS1, she returned to cooking for private clients in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard as well as consulting for cafes and restaurants in New York City.

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