Artist Statement
I create based on what I see. I consider it a contribution I can offer. My art helps me speak in a way I can’t and be seen in a way I can’t explain. My hope is that others see what they need to see, make it their own and benefit in some way.

I am influenced by many things including the desire to further a philosophy of “edit, simplify and prioritize”. This is true for my art and a personal mantra. I like the unadorned essence of things as well as artful serendipitous joining of unplanned materials doing what they need to do.

My inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time—a puddle, a landscape or a scrap of paper; a memory, color or smell can inspire. It really is about the coming together of circumstances that allow my brain to pick up what my eyes see. This unique personal experience will then need to be further explored. Most importantly, my work is based on feelings at the moment rather than a preconceived agenda. I create using my toolbox of life experience and mark makers.

The materials I use can be anything and they can, and I hope will, evolve and change over time. There are no preconceived ideas of what I must use or how I need to work. The paintings in this show have all been based on my use of urethane bases of all kinds, and by adding pigment I create custom colors. The colors I use are unique to my work and cannot be purchased as such, and are made in the moment and are unique to each work. I use papers of all kinds including rice papers and a heavy cotton based paper as a canvas. I call this work “Improvisational Sketch Painting”.


Darryl’s work is informed by his career experiences in industrial, graphic, and furniture design and fine woodworking; as well as home design and restoration.

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Darryl has also taught in Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, including at Tennessee Tech University’s Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Lives in Brooklyn and Hillsdale, NY. Studio at Brooklyn Art Space in Gowanus.

Recent Exhibitions
Away We Go: Emerging Brooklyn Artists, The Curator Gallery, Chelsea, NY, 2014
3Walls, Brooklyn, NY, 2013
Gowanus Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY, 2012-2014
Member Salon, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2012-2014

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