On Tuesday, March 24, 2015, we hosted Faith Gilbert of Letterbox Farm and David Chicane of Hudson Food Studio for a Fermented Feast.  The first part of the evening was a hands-on workshop on the fundamentals of the fermentation process and followed by a 3-course dinner that highlighted ways to integrate fermented foods into gourmet dishes.

Faith Gilbert led the group through the hands-on preparation of several lacto-fermented foods, including:
Ginger Carrots | Beet Kvass | Preserved Lemons | Soda

Throughout the evening, David Chicane prepared a 3-course dinner accompanied by wine from Hudson Wine Merchants.
Scented Jasmine Rice Salad with salted carrots
Braised Chicken with preserved lemon, ginger, almonds and choy  
Mandarin Soda “Float” with homemade ginger gelato

Each person took home jars of fermented goods, recipes, a troubleshooting guide, and starter culture for a fermented soda.

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Faith Gilbert, Farmer, Letterbox Farm Collective
Faith is one of the founding members of Letterbox Farm, a growing collective of young farmers in Hudson, NY. As a collective, the various aspects of operating the farm are divided amongst the team. Faith manages the herbs, greens, flowers and greenhouses at Letterbox, and works one-on-one with their chef clients. She is a fourth-year farmer, researcher, and organizer. Last year, she researched and wrote Cooperative Farming, a how-to handbook on forming collaborative farm ventures.

Letterbox Farm is developing a diversified sustainable operation, producing super special vegetables, pastured livestock, honey, herbs, and heirloom flint corn. They supply an array of restaurants and direct markets in the Hudson Valley and New York City, and will be launching a diversified CSA in Spring of 2015.


David Chicane, Chef/Owner, Hudson Food Studio
Chef Chicane is best known for his clean, simple, fresh approach. At Hudson Food Studio, he embraces this philosophy with his creative extrapolation to dishes he experienced during his travels through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. He enjoys partnering with local farms to provide the ingredients for the menu’s “staple” dishes, plus the excitement of receiving a basket of new things with which to create. He offers private chef services to select clientele.

Prior to Hudson Food Studio, Chef Chicane led several restaurants in Boston and New Hampshire, including the award-winning Pearl Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Peterborough, NH. He has also provided consulting services for restaurant development and operations, kitchen and interior design, recipe development, food trend tracking and food styling.

Hudson Food Studio is located at 610 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534. It is open for dinner every night, except Tuesday.

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