We are excited to be exhibiting the work of Filiz Soyak. She draws from places and experiences to create abstracted landscapes. A number of pieces incorporate symbols, relics and other found objects of the places she’s recalling in the work. The work will be on display until early 2018.

Artist Statement

My work explores the emotions and energetic impressions of time and place. Each piece is a relic, a memento, a deconstructed story; exploring the landscape between the seen, the remembered, and the imagined.

I find beauty in decay. I am drawn to and inspired by people and places that radiate wisdom: well-worn, lived-in, wrinkled, antiqued. That feeling of knowing, of time, of generations and experiences vibrating from within. I work to honor and express a visual history of that wisdom, raw emotion, knowledge, and memory in a way that has never before been told.

While my paints, worn brushes, handmade scrapers, remnants of torn paper, pencils and pastels, are all tools and materials I use, my intuition is the most important tool of all. It serves as a the guide to process the experiences that have moved me, places I’ve been to, people I’ve met, stories I’ve heard, and make sense of the moments and feelings I have felt, didn’t know I had, and sometimes forgotten.

About Filiz

Filiz was born in 1979 in Belgium to a Turkish father and Swedish mother. By the age of 5 she knew that visual art was her calling and way of expression. Her heritage, travels, and wanderlust provide continuous inspiration and perspective. She spent most of her childhood in Europe and Japan, before living in the Northeast U.S. After earning a B.A. in Visual Art from the University of Vermont, and a M.Ed. in Visual Art Education from Lesley University, Filiz spent a year in Jordan, and another year in Barbados teaching art and design, before moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2010. Since beginning her professional art career in 2000, Filiz’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally. Filiz has also spent over 10 years working in the education field as a teacher, curriculum writer, and program developer for students of all ages and abilities. In 2017 she moved with her family from Brooklyn, to Hudson, New York in search of a more grounded, conscious, and creative lifestyle.

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