We were honored to host the inaugural exhibit of Filiz Soyak’s collection titled Unu Spiro: One Breath Paintings.

About the Work

Unu Spiro translates to “one breath” in Esperanto, a language which is rooted in the present tense. Filiz began her one-breath paintings as a meditative practice to appreciate the present moment. After becoming a mother in 2016, her identity and life changed. As she transitioned into motherhood, she felt more chaos than clarity, and felt the days and nights blur by with dizzying speed. Intuition had always been her guide, but she couldn’t hear her own thoughts. “My breath did not come easily.”

Meditation helped her to slow down, to breathe, be present, and hear her inner voice again. In her new role and identity, with limitations on her time and energy, and a need to understand her new self, she felt a desire to simplify her creative process and minimize materials, scale, colors and form.

Over time, Filiz’s creative practice once again became her mindfulness practice. Stories of motherhood unfolded and reflected their lessons back to her in the form of abstract black marks on paper. Her paintings were her meditations and teachings. “My breath had carved out a path for me to center and process my life. Following my intuition, I had arrived at Unu Spiro, one breath paintings, and found stillness, peace, and gratitude for my new self and the present.”

About Filiz 

Born in Belgium to a Turkish father and a Swedish mother, artist Filiz Soyak knew by the age of five that visual art was her calling. For the past two decades, Filiz’s work has been exhibited widely and collected internationally. Her heritage, travels and wanderlust provide continuous inspiration and perspective. Motherhood changed her world and signified a major shift in her work to a more mindful practice and a conscious approach, and is integral to her current work Unu Spiro: One Breath Paintings. More than ever now she reflects awareness about living in the present. In 2017, Filiz moved with her husband and daughter from Brooklyn to Hudson in search of a more grounded, conscious, and creative lifestyle.

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