On Saturday, April 9, 2016, Chef Tim Forringer led us through an introductory experience in Korean BBQ—from the ingredients to the plate.

He provided an overview of preparing the components, including the sides, meats, and spreads. The we sat table side while he grilled the meat and brought the components together. We got to enjoy the multi-sensory experience of bold flavors (sweet, spicy, and salty) and textures (crispy, chewy, and soft). Plus the excitement of your dinner sizzling on a grill table side. And as is customary in Korea, we kept the glasses filled with a selection of wine and beer.

The evening was a tasty and unique primer for ordering barbecue at a restaurant or hosting a Korean barbecue night at home.

Selections from the menu for the evening:
On the Grill
Grilled Beef Bulgogi

On the Side
Chapchae (glass noodles with mushrooms and vegetables)
Kimchi (fermented spicy cabbage)
Sticky Rice
Pajeon (vegetable pancakes)
Banchan (small plates)

About the Chef
Growing up in a Korean neighborhood, Chef Tim discovered his love of their culture and cuisine. His passion spurred him to travel to Korea and to frequent many Korean barbecue restaurants. He’s refined his cooking techniques by hosting many Korean dinners.

Tim is graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He’s honed his craft at esteemed restaurants, including Union Square Cafe, The Equinox Hotel and Gigi’s Trattoria. Tim specializes in cooking Italian, Mediterranean, Korean and Austrian cuisines. He especially enjoys sharing his knowledge about different cuisines and cooking techniques with home cooks.

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