All work shown is encaustic and oil on panel.

Artist Statement
My paintings reference the mutability of light and form, the impermanence of being and matter. I observe ever-changing situations of light, form, and color in nature, focusing on where and how multiple elements converge. Responding to observations of these relationships through movement, gesture and color, I draw and paint out of these experiences. I seek to enter into color in as pure a way as possible, to be fully engaged with it as though swimming in it.  Form emerges out of color, rather than color describing a pre-conceived idea of form. Whether working directly from nature “plein air” or inside the studio, the process is rather the same. It is a breathing process that provides the context to connect with an awareness of how things come into being, are formed or created, grow, and die away. Nature inspires this understanding that the only true reality is transience and metamorphosis, the eternal cycle of life forming, dying away, and re-becoming on the microcosmic level as well as the macrocosmic.

My work is based on the concept that the human body is an instrument designed for image making through the integrated activity and unified, authentic engagement of all the senses. The act of painting is for me a way of entering directly and honestly into that process of becoming; a way of recognizing our interconnectedness and what it means to be present here, conscious and awake within this space where past and future converge. It is a process of unfolding—a dialogue between the conscious and unconscious; an opportunity to connect with that which could otherwise be lost, or might go by unnoticed, and yet, paradoxically becomes something which can exist out of time. It is my wish that something of this experience, or state of being, can then be communicated to and meaningfully shared with the viewer.

Born in Washington D.C., Kristin Barton is a painter known for her nature-based encaustic paintings which have been described as “experiences of bathing in textured light.” She was educated and has exhibited in Washington, D.C., New York, and Italy. A highlight in her biography was the opportunity to assist with the post-earthquake restoration of the frescos by Cimabue at The Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi, Italy in 1997. Her work is influenced by the use of light in in the paintings of artists such as Turner, Monet, Bonnard, and her teacher Esteban Vicente. Kristin lives nestled in the woods in Columbia County, NY with her two sons.

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