This class was a organized for a couple on a weekend getaway to Hudson. Working with Chef Tim Forringer, we presented several options for a hands-on class and dinner—Pasta & Sauces, Mediterranean, and Ratatouille. Mediterranean cooking was selected and the menu, below, was developed. The evening got started with prepping dough for fresh pitas and mixing up some hummus. With the hummus and pita to nosh on, there was lots of chopping and mixing for the main courses. The meal was washed down by a delightfully crisp white wine from Greece.

Served throughout evening:
Homemade pita – Flour, water, olive oil, yeast.
Hummus- Chickpeas, lemon, cumin, tahini, garlic, olive oil.

First course
Falafel (Green lentils, parsley, baking powder) with Tzatziki (Greek yogurt, lemon, mint, cucumber, cumin)

Second course
Fresh Orange, Date, Olive, and Mint salad
Rosemary and Mint “Braised” Lamb over tomato saffron rice with sumac onions

Macerated berries with candied pecans and lemon whip cream

Chef Tim is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He specializes in cooking Italian, Mediterranean, Korean and Austrian cuisines. Tim especially enjoys sharing his knowledge about different cuisines and cooking techniques with home cooks.

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