On Saturday, February 13, we hosted a Hudson “family” gathering around the kitchen island for a traditional paella dinner prepared from scratch. Sarah Jay led and others helped along the way in the preparation of chicken and sausage paella and vegetarian paella.

She demonstrated everything you need to know about cooking the perfect paella—from making the aromatic sofrito and cooking the saffron scented rice to combining everything in the paella pan. Once in the pan, Sarah shared how to heat the pan for the formation of the desired socorrat, or crunchy crust on the bottom of the pan. When the paella was ready, we gather around the table to share in the unique tastes of our shared experience.

In addition to the paella, we serevd small bites during the prep time, a salad to accompany the paella, and dessert along with wine and sangria. At the end of the evening we gave away a Paella gift set, including a 14″ carbon steel paella pan
Bomba rice, sweet pimenton, saffron, piquillo peppers, and Tote bag ($80 value).

About Sarah Jay

Sarah’s passion for paella began as a 20-year old, when she spent time in the Andalucian city of Granada, living with a family of 18. Her love and knowledge of paella was formed while gathering with the family every Sunday around a huge paella pan to cook and eat. She later married a Spanish sculptor and was welcomed into the arms of yet another wonderful Spanish family and their traditions of cooking and eating paella.

Out of her love for all things Spanish, and especially a passion for paella, Sarah founded La Paella to import and distribute paella pans. At that time, in 1988, many people had never heard of paella. Sarah often hosted paella parties to spread the word about preparing authentic paella and to provide all the resources needed to make one at home. Sarah continues to share her enthusiasm and knowledge for great paella.

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