This class was a organized for a group of eight woman visiting Hudson for the weekend. They expressed interest in a private class to prepare a healthy meal for a picnic. We worked with Erika Laurion, a nutritionist and private chef. She guided the group in the preparation of the healthy picnic lunch menu shown below. Throughout the class, the group discussed a range of dietary and nutrition issues. We also prepared and served Vegetable Spring Rolls during the class.

1. Salad-in-a-Jar with broccoli, kale and blueberries
2. Chicken mixed with greek yogurt, pesto and snap peas accompanied with seed crackers
3. Paleo muffins

The picnic lunch was packed to go with dishes, glasses and utensils.

Erika’s primary intention is to inspire people to cook and reclaim their health. She is passionate about teaching people how to cook nutrient dense and traditional food as well as providing them with the resources and tools to do so. It is her joy to help people see the connection between what they are eating and their health.

Erika received her Masters from the Institute of Human Nutrition at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. She is certified by the Board for Nutrition Specialists and licensed by the New York State Education Department. In addition to her private and group consultations, Erika is the Chef and Nutritionist for the Escape to Shape Destination Detox.

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