This class was organized as an afternoon activity during a work offsite for a group whose experience in the kitchen went from unpacking the Seamless order to preparing gourmet feasts. What a better way to test the trust level among co-workers than to arm them with knives — in this case for chopping, slicing and dicing.

After learning the proper way to sharpen and hold their knife, the group prepared the ingredients for two Korean dishes — Chap Chae (noodle dish) and Paejeong (vegetable pancakes). The chef guided them through the best practices for positioning the vegetables and the knife, along with a range of techniques, such as the bear claw, tunnel and rocker. Then everyone helped cooked both dishes and especially had fun flipping the pancakes, before enjoying the fruits (or should it be the vegetables) of their labor.

About the Chef
The chef is Tim Forringer. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and has cooked at a number of restaurants, including Union Square Cafe, The Equinox Hotel and Gigi’s Trattoria. Tim specializes in cooking Italian, Mediterranean, Asian and Austrian cuisines. He especially enjoys sharing his knowledge about different cuisines and cooking techniques with home cooks.

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